How To Be Legally Protected As A Health Coach or Wellness Entrepreneur

I recall launching my health coaching business a few years ago and being worried if I was doing everything correctly according to the law. I had a client agreement/ contract that was provided by the health coaching school I attended. However, I did not know how to go about creating a LLC, filing my taxes as an entrepreneur, how to write a website Privacy Policy/ Terms & Conditions/ Affiliate terms, how to create a testimonial release for my clients, just to name a few.

By talking to other health coaches, I have noticed a common concern. Some layers are not very familiar with the work of a health coach, or any wellpreneur. So they are not being able to give the needed advice for them to thrive in their business. So I went ahead and did my research and I found out what I think to be the best solution to this legal problem for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs.

How To Be Legally Protected As A Wellness Entrepreneur health coach blog

I happily stumbled upon Lisa Fraley’s website. Lisa is not just a lawyer, but she is also a certified health coach. We both graduated from IIN. She created an entire website dedicated to providing not only health coaches, but all wellness coaches and entrepreneurs with legal advice and documents needed to run their business without the worry that they are doing something against the law.

Unfortunately, I did not purchased any of Lisa’s products when I launched my health coaching website because it was only recently that I discovered her services in a search to provide you guys with a solution to your legal worries. However, I sooo wish I had ran into Lisa’s website when I was starting my health coaching business. It would have made my life much easier back then!

The main reason why I decided to share this tools with you guys is because Lisa is a lawyer AND a health coach. She knows exactly what a health coach and a wellpreneur needs because she is one. It reminds me of what I offer to you. I am a designer AND a health coach; so when I design websites, logos, and ebooks for my wellpreneur clients, I understand their business needs because I have the same ones.

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When I start working with a client on a website design project, here is what I recommend for them to get:

  • Website Protection Package

    It includes the DIY Website Disclaimer, DIY Website Terms & Conditions, DIY Privacy Policy, and DIY Testimonial Release.

You can also get the agreements/documents individually as needed: (I included some other ones not included in the package but relevant to a website launch)

If you are someone that would likes more assistance, Lisa’s online course Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare Now might be more up your alley, which includes 8 legal documents for your business, 7 modules online course, 1 hr legal session with Lisa, just to name a few.

I hope this helps you and makes your wellness business launch easier and legal! No one needs the headache of wondering if they have the right legal protection in place.

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