16 Different Ways For You To Make Money As A Health Coach

Hi coaches! If you have been coaching for a while or you have just graduated from your certification program, you might be brainstorming the different ways for you to increase your monthly income.

When you are working for yourself, having multiple sources of income is the smart way to go. Each facet of your business will be more success during different times of the year. Therefore, having multiple income sources guarantees that you are financially stable through all 12 months.

As a health coach, you have SO MANY options! Specially if you have merged your business with online and offline income streams. Below, we will walk through 16 different ways for you to expand and grow your health coaching business to make more money - and reach a wider audience to help even more people!

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1. Offer different lengths of your coaching programs

I am aware with the popular 6 month coaching program format. I learned the same at school and offered them myself. But also having 3-months and 1-month coaching programs available might bring in some clients that are intimidated with the 6-months format.

2. Offer group coaching

These can be online or in-person. The more people you help = the more fulfilled you will be with your work + there will be more people referring you to other potential clients.

3. Offer a “post coaching monthly support”

Some clients will still need a bit of guidance after their coaching program ends. For those that do not want to sign up for another 1/3/6 months of coaching, you can offer them a support system, where they pay a fixed amount monthly and they can get access to you via email to answer their burning questions so they can stay on track.

4. Talk at events

Making appearances at local events as a speaker will set you apart as a health coach, it will make you stand out as an expert, and you are likely to get clients from those speaking engagements.

5. Start corporate coaching 

Business owners and managers want their employees to thrive at work so they produce good results. By offering them your services, you can help the business owner and managers to keep their employees healthy, focused, and energized. You can offer to come in to their office for monthly talks, and even have a day of the week where you go in for 1+ hrs and hold 1-1 or group coaching for their employees.

6. Offer special services aside from the coaching program

These might include grocery shopping tours, pantry makeover, private and group cooking class.

7. Work contracted hours with at a local gym, spa, wellness center

Some local wellness business are looking to hire health coaches as part of the team. You can be a health coach with your own practice that also works 1 day of the week (or as many as you have available) at a local gym, spa, or wellness center - offering talks, 1-1 and group coaching.

8. Host workshops at local casual restaurants

There is a local vegan restaurant close to where I live that partners with wellness entrepreneurs here in Miami for workshops, cooking classes, and talks. The wellness coaches/chefs/.. come to these restaurant and host their class there. This can be you. Make sure you offer great value at these and make it a paid workshop. You want these to be so awesome that you leave the event with a handful of potential clients wanting to sign up with you.

9. Host online workshops

Online webinars/workshops are amazing because you can reach a much wider audience. These can be free or paid, depending on your intention.

10. Offer challenges

Everyone loves a good “30 days detox challenge” or “3 weeks challenge for weight loss”. You can create these and sell them through your website in na ebook/pdf or daily emails format.

11. Online courses

Unlike challenges, online courses tend to be higher in price and longer in duration. Online courses are great for coaches to offer what a 6-months coaching program would be but all ready and packaged for their clients to purchase and go through on their own time.

12. Became a brand ambassadors

If there is a product/brand that you really love and you are always recommending it to your clients, it would be a great idea to became an ambassador for the brand. An ambassador usually gets special discount codes to offer their clients, and they might receive a commission per sale.

13. Join affiliate programs

Similar to becoming an brand ambassador, affiliate programs allows you to recommend your favorite products and brands to your customers through an affiliate link and you will receive a commission per sale. To find out if that product/brand has an affiliate link, look for “Affiliate Program” at the footer of their website, and send them an email asking about it.

14. Write a book

Easier said then done.. I know. However, writing a book can be another great way to increase your income and to set you apart as an expert in the health coaching field. If you are an IIN alumni interested in writing a book, I would join their “How to Write a Book” course.

15. Write ebooks

If writing a book seems almost impossible to you right now, consider writing an ebook. Ebooks are great because you don’t need anyone to publish them, and your customers can download it straight from your website after the purchase. No printing nor shipping required.

Check our here some ebook designs I have done for my clients.

16. Place ads on your website

I am leaving this one for last because it will probably not be your number one source of income. Also, placing too many ads on your website doesn’t look so great. I would recommend this one to coaches who are very focused on blogging and have a very high number of visitors going to their website everyday.

Did any of these spark new ideas for you to expand your health coaching business and bring in more money? Have you been doing a few a these already? Where with us below!

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