Meet Bia


Sitting down to share with you guys a little bit about my background and journey brings me so much joy, because reflecting back I can see that now I am doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. 

You see, back in college I studied to receive my BFA in industrial design at Rochester Institute of Technology. During my second school year, I made the big lifestyle change to go vegan and it changed my world completely. It gave me a new sense of purpose to help others with their health just like going plant-based had drastically improved mine. I started to question how my degree in design would help me fulfill this mission. I still loved art and design (I had since I was a little girl), but I couldn't connect the dots on how my design background could help me help others improve their health and overall wellbeing. 

Fast forward to a two years after graduation, I received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

 I thought "This is it. Now I can help others get better". But that is not what happened. I was seeing clients and really making a difference in their lives, but I wasn't feeling that sense of fulfillment from my work. I could not ignore my still strong love for design. 

It was exactly 1 year after coaching numerous clients that the light bulb finally clicked. I found a way to merge my design and coaching skills with my mission to help others and it is how Bia Alvarez, LLC came about.

I am here to help other passionate entrepreneurs like myself who want to make a difference in other's lives by creating design content for them. The more health coaches/ personal trainers/ massage therapists/ nutritionists (to name a few) that I was helping create their brands and websites, the more people out there would be able to get better and thrive. 


A little more about Bia ...

  • I am the health coach behind @rawlivingwithbia and

  • I have created a free recipe ebook with my favorite plant-based recipes you can download here.

  • I designed the Declare Food Freedom Journal: an anti-diet food journal to help you become your own health guru!

  • My 14 years old adorable dog named Flappy is the love of my life.

  • I was born in Brazil and I moved to Miami with my family when I was in middle school.