Krista Miller of “Unahu Healing Arts”


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Krista Miller is a light worker, intuitive healer, and yogini. Located in Miami, FL, Krista offers private and group yoga classes, massage therapy, and intuitive healing sessions to her clients. When Krista and I started working together, she explained that Unahu (which is part of her business name “Unahu Healing Arts”) means “heart” in Turkey.

She explained that she was attracted the to the colors red/auburn (which you see as the color of the heart in the center of her logo), turquoise, and earth tones for her branding. Some symbols and images Krista wanted to see present in her website and branding included Native American symbols, hearts, animals, and nature elements. As a result, her branding and website have a very raw, nature, healing, and calming vibe.

As you will see below, Krista came to me with gorgeous photos she had professionally done for the website. I wanted to keep them as the focus of her pages, and used them as background banners throughout her website, with red, white, and black text over the images as it best fit.

Get a look at her live website here. (obs: take note that the website might have been modified by the client since launch date and might look different then the initial design shown here.)

Check out Krista’s instagram feed here!



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