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When you work with me one-on-one, you will have my undivided attention. You see, I work with one client at a time. This allows me to be fully present for you, and it allows me to design your brand and website in 2-3 weeks. I know how eager you are to get the ball rolling in your business. With this format, I can help you get to where you want faster and with better results.

Also, as a health coach myself, I am immersed in the health and fitness community. You will be working with an industrial designer and health coach who actually "gets" what you do!



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Ready to invest in the design of your business? Let me worry about turning your visions into a reality so you can get back to doing what you love: booking your dream clients and helping them grow!

But first, tell me a little bit more about yourself and your business vision, and let’s get this party started!

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Do you have a deadline/launch date in mind?
Do you have a deadline/launch date in mind?


What website platform do you use? How much does it cost?

I use Squarespace to develop your wesbite. I use Squarespace because it gives me the creative freedom to design an unique website for your brand, while being an extremelly intuitive platform for you to use. Since I always have my clients needs in mind, I find the ease of use of a platform very important. Once I hand over the website to you during our "tutorial call", I want you to then feel confident in running your wesbite.

I recommend my clients to sign up for the Business Squarespace package, which costs $18/month if payed annualy (1 payment of $288), or $26 if payed month to month.

As your designer and a SquareSpace Circle Member, I can give you 20% off on top of the annual pricing mentioned above, plus one free website domain for the first year of subscription - depending on availability - (usually costs $10-20/year), a free year of G-Suit Account with your own branded email, and $100 Google AdWords credit free.

Can you launch my site by a certain date?

Since I only work with one client at a time for best and fast results, the lauch of your website will depend on my availbality. However, I can assure you that I will do my best on my part to make it happen for your envisioned deadline.

What about my domain?

If you curently own a domain name, we can transfer it to your new wesbite.

If you do not have a domain yet, you will receive a free website domain if you sign up for Squarespace with an annual payment plan. If you choose to pay month to month, a domain will cost anywhere from $10 and above (depending on availability).


How is payment done?

For website designs and brand identity projects, I offer two payment plans:

• Two payments (50% upon booking to reserve your spot, and 50% prior to website/brand launch)

• Four payments (25% upon booking to reserve your spot, 25% prior to launch, and two 25% payments slip evenly between the length of the project)

For ebook design projects:

• Two payments ($100 upon booking to reserve your spot, and the remaining of the payment based on the hours worked due upon completion of the project)

Whats should I expect after I sign up?

After you submit the form above, I will email you to set up a video call so I can get to know you better and your hear your visions and expectations for the project. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit is paid, your project is broken down into two section:

  1. Content Gathering
  2. Design Process

During the Content Gathering phase, you will be providing me all of the tools that I will need to design your website, brand, and/or ebook.

Once I have it all, the Design Process begins. This is when the magic happens, and all of your photos and copy are turning into the final, custom-made design.

Lets do this! How do I hire you?

I cannot wait to hear from you! Please, complete the form above and I will email you shortly to set up our video call.